You’re Loved


Ever stumbled upon a rock that admonishes your imperfections,

gotten stuck in the quick sand of despair,

washed away by the waves of emotion of grief and pain,

ascertaining yourself drowning in the sea of depression,

perceiving that no human being can relate to the pain you’ve experienced,

and if they did whatever their imagination can conjure would never compare

to that of your reality.

That you’re all alone in this world regardless of being surrounded by throngs of people.

Devastated from the nightmares that steal your body’s moments of peace,

Annoyed at having to confront yet another day,

Suffocating from the lie you’re continuously living,

And you look at yourself and think that you aren’t worth it,

you’re nothing but broken and the only way out is six feet under.

I know, I’ve been down in the pits as well but in the midst of pain and struggle the one thing I’ve learned is that God is there.

– Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and staff they comfort me- psalms 23 v 4 that’s a promise and God cannot lie. In that broken shell of yours you’re probably thinking that God can’t love you or who are you to be loved of God, well who are you not to be?

-We are created in his own image and likeness.

-He sent his only son to die for us.

-He provides for us a mansion in heaven.

-He protects and meets our daily needs.

Why should we then question God’s love for us when it’s clearly stated in his word?

To those that think they’re nothing, you can be something if you let yourselves be used of God. To the prostitute God wants you,

To the drug addict waiting for the next fix- God is saying try him,

To the alcoholic/ drunkard- God is all you need,

To the kid whose parents are divorced and believes that nobody cares or the persons whose marriage is on a cliff, and feels unappreciated or unloved- John 3:16 God loves you,

To the girl who was hurt, raped, abused who think she isn’t worth anything and life isn’t worth living God is saying you’re worth it, live for me

And to the sinner who’s fed-up of living in sin God says trust him today.

He who calmed the storm, walked on the water, fed the hungry, mad the lame to walk and the blind to see loves us.


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