The writer Hugh Prather once said
” Just when we think we’ve learned the way to live life changes”,
he’s right I’ve never known life to follow a specific pattern or maintain rules, if it ever were implemented, yet still I could never bring myself to say it’s unfair after all it is what it is, right, just plain life with no sense of good or bad, a gift given by a supreme to us, to take, shape and mold it into something worthy.
It was the happiest I’d been in years yet still I felt something missing and found myself torn between the decisions I’ve made and what I should have done.
There wasn’t much that could have been done but I still felt I could have done more. It’s been precisely two months and eleven days since we ventured out into a new world, one that smelled of new birth, a better life and freedom.
My heart ached within me and I questioned our actions are we being selfish? is it wrong to celebrate our new found freedom, when we’re the only one’s here? We’d kissed the ground and shed tears over this accomplishment yet still it felt like we didn’t deserve it. The nightmare of living in the real world we weren’t prepared for nor for those that plagued our subconscious mind, arresting our state of sweet sleep and replacing it with hellish memories that can only be cured when we’re together.
I am his source of comfort and he my strength, I never knew his worth until I lost him, but now, I’ll go to hell and back, travel to the end of the earth to find him, because he is mine and I love him.

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