A depressed on Love – Random thought

depressed quotes sad alone wallpapers

Words cannot express the desire I feel for you,

It surpasses everything I’ve felt before,

But although my heart longs for you,

We can never be,

Because I’ll never be good enough,

I can be your best friend and I’ll always be your girl,

But we can never be more than what we are,

No matter how much I care about you,

Can’t you see it?

The big picture,

I’m trying to protect you,

From what you ask?

From me!

I refuse to let you sink so low,

Because you deserve much better,

Much better than this,

Much better than me,

Don’t say that,

Don’t say that I don’t care,

Because I do,

It’s because of that,

I refuse to reduce you to my level,

Refuse to let you carry the burdens that I carry,

It’s because I care about you,

I refuse to let you wilfully bound yourself to the chains that hold me captive,

But it’s because I love you,

I need to let go.


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