Appreciate the one’s we love

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Sometimes we don’t appreciate the persons that matter most in our lives or if we do we don’t show it.

I believe life is too short for us not too. We depend on a special day – Birthday, Christmas , Valentines perhaps to say we love you or we care or to give a chocolate or flowers etc. The point is we don’t have to wait for a particular day to show how much we care, the time is now.

What if your mom dies today or your dad, what about your wife or husband, siblings and kids?

Will we merely be grieving because we’ve lost them or will not showing them we care or love them enough add to our plight?

Let’s show them we care NOW because Now is all we have.

Do something,  give a flower –It can be store bought or handpicked, buy a chocolate, cook a meal but sometimes the best things in life are free – So give a hug or give a kiss or simply state matter-of –fact, a simple I Love You because if they’re worth it they deserve it.


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