Can’t be compared


As I sat there watching my little brother I wanted to drop on him that line : As long as the fishes (Singular fish plural fish don’t know who said fishes) in the sea has tail my love for you will never fail.

But then I got to thinking what if there was a fish tail eating creature out there and he ate all the tails.

I tried as long as the coconut trees have tops my love for you would never stop but I had difficulties wrapping my mind around this because what if a hurricane comes and takes away all the coconut tops .

Poem after poem line after line but I couldn’t get one that would fit but as I sat there it dawned on me that I can’t compare you with anything, not with a fish’s or tail or a coconut top, not with money, diamonds and pearls instead I chose to compare you with nothing simply because I know nothing can compare to the love I have for you.

It’s steadfast, like a rock – unmovable. I love you!!


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