Do we really fall out of love?


About two days ago a good friend of mines mentioned that his girlfriend of a few months to a year had broken up with him for someone else, stating that she had fallen Out of Love with him.

For a minute I sat there in silence thinking, really? Fallen out of Love? Is this for Real? After gathering my thoughts together on that particular issue and giving him a genuine apology for his dilemma I asked the question that was bothering me.

Do you honestly believe that she fell out of love with you?

He shrugged his shoulders and said “I don’t know, maybe. Love needs to be nurtured and I guess I didn’t do that so it well, died”

“Really died? Don’t you think perhaps that it was something other than love a strong feeling of mutual attraction and like?” I asked.

“Sounds interesting go on”

I don’t know call me crazy or old fashioned or something but that didn’t seem right to me. You may or may not agree with what I have to say on that particular issue but that’s OK because we’re all different and everyone has an opinion. I personally don’t believe in falling in and out of love. I believe that love is something that we grow into. Does it need to be nurtured? I believe that when you’re in love, nurturing becomes second nature to you, automatically you’ll put that persons needs if not all most of them above yours, you’ll tell them that you love and appreciate them, you’ll show them by the simplest things you do that you care. Whether it’s by washing the dishes or preparing their favorite food, Partial washing the car, buying a chocolate, a single rose, or finding out how the day went, and what about a hug for comfort and for the sake of it. You’ll appreciate their flaws, no you’re not overlooking it but you’ll appreciate it because that’s uniquely them, remember you’re not perfect either. This may not apply but I’ll say it anyway I grew to love my little brother but damn does he throw a mean tantrum, sometimes it’s annoying but there are times when I sit back and smile, because although I’m not a big fan of his tantrums strangely I wouldn’t change him for the world because I love him flaws and all. Maybe that’s how it should be? Having someone who knows all off you and can accept that. Being able to communicate well, knowing they’ll be arguments but these should bring you guys closer.

The question lingers do we really fall out of Love?

I want to hear some opinions!!! what’s your take guys? Yes -No and why….


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