I’m Selfish

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I woke up this morning feeling not so good about myself (my normal way of feeling) dragging myself deeper into my own depression, wondering why me but as I stood below the shower I rebuked myself.

Instead of drowning myself in misery I should be grateful that I’m in this world for another day because not everyone had been able to see it. And although it’s Wednesday it’s different from all the one’s that gone before. This day is New!

I should be thankful that I have arms and legs that can function properly some people have none.

I have eyes that can see although not to well. I have a mouth that can speak.

Whether or not I have people that Love me I know God Cares.

Why should I be ungrateful?

I’m Blessed!!!

In life we may go through situations and think that we’re alone but remember we’re never alone, There is always someone out there in a more difficult situation than ours.It may be tough at times but let’s be grateful for what we have.



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