A better ME


Today I made the decision to become a better person,
how exactly does one become a better person?

Honestly I don’t know but I’ve started the process slowly.

I woke up this morning and repeated to myself: You are beautiful, You are unique, You are special. I promised myself that I’ll love me a little more each day.

But before I did all of this I prayed and Read my bible. I thanked God for his breath of Life and allowing me to see another beautiful day as this. I thanked him for his constant Mercy and Protection and his never Ending, Never Failing Love. I Thanked Him for being GOD… In other words, I praised him instead of asking for anything.

I hugged my brother a little harder. I wished everyone a good day.

I decided to Be quick to listen and slow to speak today.

I decided to forgive others more because God hath forgiven me.

I decided to be a little more caring, maybe give the beggar on the street $5.00 instead of a few cents.

I’ve decided to hold a conversation with the shy girl that passes my street often.

I’ve decided to tell the girl that everyone bullies that she is beautiful and worth more than what everyone else thinks.

I’ve decided to make a difference, a change. Maybe If I start now – someone else will follow.

I’ve decided to make the ultimate decision.

I’ve decided to be a better me.


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