It goes on!

life-goes-on life-goes-on-

When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade, when it throws bricks at you, start building, when it throws trash, simply recycle. Life doesn’t stop because you’re depressed or hurt or in pain, it moves on without you.


3 thoughts on “It goes on!

  1. Cell phone look up I believe Collier ought to have spoken to Mame and got
    the same answer, for one day he orders a cup of coffee in addition to a cracker,
    and sits nibbling the corner of it like a girl in the parlour, that is filled up within the kitchen, preceding, on cold roast and fried cabbage.
    I caught on and did exactly the same, and maybe we thought we’d created a
    hit! The next day we attempted it once again, and out comes old man Dugan fetching in his hands the fairy


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