The New Trend in town – Fat Vs Skinny


There’s a new trend in town. The get skinny or else be treated like nothing trend and it’s pathetic. We look at the television today and notice all these “Skinny” people modelling around in bikini’s telling you to try this product to lose weight quickly as if being “Fat” or “bigger than the average” is a curse, you go to the store to purchase a dress or suit and the clerk would say, there’s no size to fit you or you need to check the store on the opposite side they have clothes in XXX-Large. Or you walk into a restaurant and everybody forgets what they’re doing and turns to stare at you for a moment, wondering “What on earth are these people doing here; they should be in a gym not a restaurant”.

You in turn begin to feel offended, ashamed, depressed and dis-satisfied with yourself.

Stop that!!!

Because you shouldn’t be, if you’re happy with the size that you carry and it isn’t complicating your health then remain that way. I mean who we so-called “Skinny People” too judge you. If you desire to be smaller, make sure it is to please you and not others, because at the end of the day, it’s your life not theirs.

Always do what’s best for you!

Love yourself the way you are!

Do not be defined by what others say!

Because I believe everyone is beautiful there isn’t another being like you, your big nose, curly hair, crooked teeth or fat cheeks is yours so instead of looking at the imperfections look at the one perfection someone might be wishing they had your smile!!!

Besides our imperfections are really perfections because it’s unique!!!


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