Be Grateful – Happy Thanksgiving to you!!!

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We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving on the same day or in the manner that you do (most of my followers) likewise my country’s reason for celebration differs, (Grenada) but I’ll steal a few minutes of my time to acknowledge your holiday.

Thanksgiving Day is more than the exotic meals that can be found on our family table. It’s more than the Stuffed Oven Roasted Turkey drowned in gravy or decorated with pineapple slices and the pumpkin pies.

It’s a time for reflection and as the name notes, Thanksgiving.

Of course we should be thankful always but today is specifically set aside to do just that.

Why should you be grateful?

1. God – For everything he’s done for you.

2. Life – Because someone didn’t get to see this day but you did.

3. Family & Friends – For their Love, support, encouragement & friendship. ( even though they might be the opposite of the aforementioned still be grateful)

Husband, Wife, Kids, Mother, Father, Brother, Sister Etc. despite how much they might piss you off you just got to (gotta) love them.

4. Food & water – Oh Bless my heart 😀 Everyone loves good food, think about those folks in Africa that doesn’t have any. So if the Turkey’s a little burnt or the pie has more crust than body or the food’s lacking salt or sugar- Dear God I hope they aren’t!! 😀 – still be grateful.

So have fun, eat, drink tell everyone you love or care about them, but in all this save time to spend with God because he deserves a Thank You too. Everyone of us have at least one (1) thing to be grateful for.

Why are you thankful?

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!!!!


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