What have we done for Christ


Lately I’ve found myself thinking about a galore amount of things. Namely, what exactly have I done for Jesus? And the answer was found in two simple words – “Nothing Much”

Yes, I’ve done good things
Give to my neighbors,
Helped my friends,
Obeyed my parent’s (Most times) etc. etc.

The aforementioned are great but there aren’t the most important-

The bible states – He that ‘winneth’ souls is wise.
Therefore this is what we should be doing, going in the highways
and byways etc. etc.
Winning souls for the kingdom of God.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if everyone in this world can go to heaven?

Of Course!

But will everyone be going to that mansion in the sky?

Unfortunately not!

But there is a way that one can get there,

Jesus said ” … I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

So why not follow the great command?

Why not spread the word of God to the lost?

What am I doing?

What are you doing?

Are we doing our best for Him?

What are we ashamed off?

A little teasing, a little mockery?

Jesus was spat upon, tortured, humiliated, insulted, ridiculed,


What did we suffer, a minuscule insult?

We should be proud (in a good way) that we have someone that loved us so much, that he gave his life for us.


Are you worried about what your friends will think, say or do, afraid to be called a church girl or boy?

Be mindful that there will be no friends with you on judgement day.

Everyone shall stand and stand ALONE.

As Christians we needn’t be self-fish,

There’s people out there that needs to hear the gospel,

We should be excited to show others God’s love,

So let’s get up off our lazy behinds and win souls for Christ.

Because he died to save sinners, like myself.

Remember; only what is done for Christ is going to last.

Forget about everything around you and everyone

And focus on Jesus.

Again What have you done for Christ?


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