Why I celebrate Christmas

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I know. I know that Christmas is just a mere few days away. To be exact 1 day, 12 hours, 25 mins and 30 secs as I pressed the publish button on this new page.

As soon as the 25th expires and the 26th begins, my sisters and I would start crossing out the days again till next Christmas.

Call us crazy but we love the season. The decorations, the lights, the Christmas trees.

The Christmas carols, Hot chocolates with dancing marshmallows and Christmas parties.

Christmas movies and cartoons that keep us going way past midnight. Stories of Santa Claus, reindeers’ and the north pole swirling in our heads.

Wishes for snow in a country that is incapable of producing any as it lies in the tropical zone.

Milk and cookies neatly placed on the table next to our tree awaiting Santa’s descend through the door or window because we have no chimney.

And the presents galore that nestled beneath the tree, with name tags that says to you and you and you, from Santa Claus with Love.

These are wonderful reasons, perfect even but it can never be the greatest reason why I or we rather love the season.

We love it for one special reason, a reason above all others.


That precious baby boy that was born in a manger.

He is the reason for the season.

He is what Christmas is all about.

The Christ- born to save the world from our sins.

He is the reason why we love Christmas.

Why do you love the season?


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