Solving your New year’s Resolution failures – It’s time to Achieve them


As each New Year approaches the same sentiments are echoed.

“Pull out your pens and papers people it’s time to write our new year’s resolution”

And at the end of the five minutes that have been allotted, numerous things have been written.

“I’ll obey my parent’s, I’ll eat healthier, I’ll lose a few pounds or maybe I’ll gain a bit”

Most of us only take part in such because it has become a norm in our society.

In fact most of the things that we write, seemingly desiring change, we don’t really mean.

And that would have been ok if only we weren’t deceiving ourselves and anyone else.

I Know,

I’ve been there done that,

I wrote on each paper I’ve been given what I thought everyone expected me to write,

Not what I wanted,

And when that year was closing and the question of “did everyone accomplish what they had set out to do this year” was asked.

The answer was always No.

Most of us have never accomplished what we wanted for the years gone by,

But maybe you can just tackle that this year.

As I thought about the things I wanted and should have accomplished years before,

I decided that Instead of New Year’s Resolutions, I can have an everyday resolution.

The problem of not achieving your goals doesn’t lie in the resolution itself or the timespan.

It lies in us.

It’s as if we desire the change to be automated.

Change doesn’t happen because we wish it too, or because it’s written on a sheet of paper for the world to see.

Neither does it occur on the spur of the moment; instead it’s a process that occurs overtime.

Effective change should be made gradually, one step at a time.

A baby crawls before it stands and stands before it makes his first step,

And then a second and a third and pretty soon he’s walking and overtime running.

That’s how changes work,


I believe that if it is tackled daily, it will work out much better.

#1. Don’t get a sheet of Paper.

Get a diary!

You’re less liable to lose a diary than a sheet of paper and more susceptible to reading it.


#2. List all of the things that you desire to change or accomplish.

It can be separated by time span –

Short term and Long term, you can even write an additional copy on Bristol board and stick it to the wall of your bedroom so that when you wake it can be visible.

Technology has even expanded itself to serve our needs so you can type them into your tablet or smart phone.

It will serve as a reminder.

(pls. Make sure they’re reasonable eg. I want to win 30,000.00 in the lottery that is a bit unreasonable. Make sure it is something that can be accomplished by you.

download (4)

#3. Create a Schedule.

Yes, plan everything on paper. Record your daily routine, include an approximate time when whatever you’re doing should begin or end.

(Especially if you plan on losing weight putting aside at least fifteen -15 minutes will help with your goals)

images (3)

#4. Have a minuscule support group –

It can be your, husband, wife, children, parents, friends etc. Having people in on your goals willing to support you will help you achieve it quicker.


#5. Take it one step at a time.

Simple –just take baby steps.


#6. Expect Disappointments.

Everything may not go your way, on your way to success there’s always failure or stumbling blocks. What’s important is how you deal with these roadblocks. Don’t sit back and cry, get up and move on!

one_step_at_a_time_stick_man Ali-Quote

There is no limit to what we can achieve!

Have a successful 2015 +

l_2f707ee0-a5f9-11e1-8b72-7789daf00004 download (5)


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