Open letter to 2014 & 2015

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It’s always a challenge facing something new and 2015 is no exception – at least for me. I’ve got 365 ¼ bitter-sweet days to look forward too – In which some I’ll be sick, 100 % Ok, tired, busy, bored etc. However it’s not these that has imposed the challenge, it’s the unpredictability of events that will unfold within these 365 ¼ days that did.

Nevertheless, part of me anticipates the birth of the New Year and the death of the old.

For some grotesque reason, today, I feel somewhat solemn, melancholy even; to leave behind a year that, overtime I came to love.

I never thought that I’d actually like it, in fact when 2013 came to an end and 2014 invaded my life,

I scoffed – literally – I was pissed.

It seems that I was leaving behind all these great accomplishments and failures in 2013.

There was so much I’d left undone in the previous year, that I thought I wasn’t ready for 2014.

So much so, that for the first two or three months, I literally ignored its existence and scribbled 2013 in places where 2014 should have gone.

But as I struggled along throughout that year I realized that 2014 is what stood beside me and it was time to let go.

First it was the realization, then likeness and finally love.

2014 and I, we shared something special,

Tragedies, Joys, secrets; together we defeated 365 ¼ days of whatnots’.

Of struggles and pain of sorrows and joy of defeat and victory of discovery & mystery

of hate and of love.

We celebrated another year of my life together sometime in September,

Over champagne and Pizza,

But don’t worry I’ll celebrate your last day with me today,

Over tears of happiness you brought to my life and whispers of I love you’s

That will never cease to end in my heart.

I know it pains you to know that your short life will be ended as soon as your 24 hours has expired,

For what it’s worth dear, it’ll hurt me more,

I’ll honor your wishes in having your funeral at 12:00 midnight,

I’ll wear your favorite shirt and Jacket, the one we bought sometime in June.

And although I can no longer scribble the numbers 2014 beside dates and months any longer, I’ll forever print it on my heart.

But the journey must continue,

That I can never deny,

2014 has taught me so much,

That I welcome you 2015, with open arms.


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