Black People Does Not Exist

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Black People does not exist. Black People is not an organization. Black People has no leader. Black People has no agenda. Black People has no logo. Black People is not looking to increase its membership. Black People has no bank account. Black People has no buildings.

Black People does not hate White People. Black People does not believe in looting. Black People does not encourage lawlessness. Black People does not teach its young members to ignore policemen. Black People does not fear for its life.

Black People does not align itself with views held by Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, Barack Obama, or Bill Cosby. Black People does not have a dress code. Black People does not believe the dream is deferred.

Black People is not responsible for Ferguson. Black People does not support Michael Brown’s family. Black People is not angry at Darren Wilson. Black People is not angry, period. That’s because there is no…

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2 thoughts on “Black People Does Not Exist

  1. Greetings.
    Interesting page, as well, content. To deflect momentarily; the re-blog about there not being black people, and the rationale used by its originator, is somewhat distracting by using similarities of an airplane crew as that of the black, white, asian, or other nationality or ethnicity is absurd. Of course their exist components of racial differences that prevent the “crew” concept from arriving in a safe landing. Those alluded to such as Al Sharpton, a bigoted instigator of racial strife (and paid well for his services) is one person, that personally, would not want on my “crew” of responsible members to assure the tranquility of the masses–’nuff said. By the way, thanks for the follow.



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