What we say to our children matters

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Lately I realized that I need to be extremely cautious as to what to say around and to children.

Children it seems are the parrot or photocopying machines in this world today.

They reproduce everything that has been taught or said.

And that’s good in the sense that through these little incidents of reproduction, we’d discovered the magnificence of the tiny grey organ hidden within our skull – brain.

Its ability to record immense information, rapidly, both direct and indirectly is phenomenal.

But what happens when whatever is said is filled with negativity, ridicule and insults.

What happens when we tell our kids that they’re stupid, dunce, or that they never will amount to something good?

What happens when it is said by the people that supposed to love and care about them?

What happens?

They simply reproduce it!

Reproduction here doesn’t mean the production of a baby, it means that, these kids most of the times believe what you say and eventually become what you say.

Have you noticed when a kid is called stupid that they eventually act silly?


When they’re told that they would never succeed that their grades start dropping, the interest in school etc. is often forgotten, and in their minds trying seems like a waste of time because to them it feels like they’ll never be good enough.

Some of them possess a self-esteem that is so low that even they don’t know it exist.

My older sister suffers from back injuries due to a fall during her childhood, she’s got so many complications that most often to not she’s in pain which results in her complaining a lot, now, my eight year old brother is a very healthy boy who’s very active, yet every now again he’ll get into a position that my sister does and complain of the exact complications that she does and In his mind he thinks that’s what he’s supposed to do.


that time he was complaining that he doesn’t drink sorrel juice because it doesn’t taste nice. I said to him, (pretending) this isn’t sorrel that’s wine. He drank all of it within a matter of seconds and asked for a second helping, adding with that order that it tasted good, was strong and was burning his chest.

This was supposed to be a joke but it made me think how effective words can be in the mind of small children.

We fail to realize that what we say, even the miniscule of things affect them, whether direct or indirectly.

We don’t plant corn trees expecting to get peas,

Whatever we put out is what we get,

Whatever is sown that’s what we shall reap.

In other words if we throw at our kids negative thinking,

They’ll execute negativity.

However if we instil the opposite in our kids,

The belief that they can make it,

That they’re smart,



We’ll raise a generation that we’ll make history,

A generation that will seek to do the impossible,

One’s that believe that they can change the world,

They’ll produce cures for Cancers and other chronic diseases.

That’s the power of speech to our little ones.

Instil in them the phrase “Yes you can”


Because whatever is said and done affects them,

Let’s be cautious as to what we say to our children.


13 thoughts on “What we say to our children matters

  1. I noticed that while I was reading this my hand was over my mouth as if to keep me from saying or feeling something… I like to tell myself that after all I’d once said in therapy that REALLY my childhood was not too bad – and then I read something like this 😦

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