No More tears – Poem


I wish I could tell you what keeps me up at night

Of those things that haunts my dreams,

The memories from which I’ve tried to run

And the pain that never leaves.

The thoughts that make me shiver

And those that make me scream

Perhaps I should stay awake then,

Maybe if I don’t sleep,

They’ll become annoyed and

They’d leave me in peace,

I wonder if I clad myself in amour,

If they would let me be,

With swords and guns and torches,

And a shield that conceals my knees,

I’ve tried to run so many times,

But I never win,

Feels like I’m in this losing battle

In which the good never prevails,

Yet I sat in the dreary silence,

And waited for them to come,

To inflict its pain and torcher,

To a life that now is numb,

Come now ye horrible memories,

Come and devour me,

I’m yielding to your wrath,


A slave to you I’ll be,

Then I suddenly remembered,

What mama had said,

Never be a victim,

The other man will gain,

I up and strengthened my hands,

All bruised and battered from the pain,

I ripped and tore to pieces some things that made me fail,

After this I was positive my life would never be the same,

For though I’m still struggling,

With those memories from long ago,

I refuse to be its prisoner,

Neither am I complacent anymore.


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