Love is – Excerpt from a piece I wrote


Excerpt from a piece I wrote :-

Sometime ago I’d learned that they’re some things in life that aren’t worth it.

The Constant failures in my life had taught me just that, and at this very moment, with such an important decision to make I needed the experience that those twenty two years of my life had taught me.

Because this was one of the rare moments I’d encountered something worth it.

It may not be important to others but it was to me.

In every decision, there’s a compromise and with every compromise there’s a sacrifice.

The question is “Am I willing to make that sacrifice”.

The answer was already engraved in my heart – “I am”.

I wish I could state though that I regret the decisions I’d made a few years ago –the one’s that have brought me to this cross road, but I can’t.

Love will do that to you.

Love will change you,

love would make you desire to become a better person,

love will push you beyond limits,

love know’s no boundaries,

love is universal,

love is pain,

love is hurt,

love is compromise and love is sacrifice.

Love is the reason I’m about to expose myself to another.

To another after God, that has captured my heart.


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