Not mines to take


Green veins beneath pale skin,

Intricately woven together,

They carry the essence of life,

The essence which I wish to cease,

The razor lies innocently on the bathroom floor,

On impulse I stare at my hands once more,

There is the power that I possess,

To eradicate a life that once was blessed,

I wish to stanch that circuit flow,

Using the methods of X and O,

Will I survive this?

I do not know,

But I wish the essence would run no more,

my life however is not even mines to take,

It’s a gift that I should appreciate,

Not many had lived these long years,

But I’m selfish in my recompense,

And as I stare at the garbage bin,

My teary eyes began to dim,

I’m really a selfish girl,

To think I’m all alone in this world,

If I end my life right now,

I’m telling all who love me that they’re not good enough,

They’re might be someone out there in a worst shape than me,

Struggling to make it day by day,

God forgive me,

I hope you will,

For wanting to end what you’ve given me.

For my life is never mine to take,

It’s a gift I should appreciate,

It won’t be easy,

I must state,

The outcome might just be fate,

Never again will I dare to take,

The life I’ve begun to appreciate.


2 thoughts on “Not mines to take

  1. Someone very close to me once told me I was selfish to want to end my life. I think the care I have for those people is one of the reasons I have stopped trying to off myself. I love your poetry. Keep up the good work!

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