Agreeing to Disagree


Recently I’d stumbled on, to an extent, really nice blog post.

But the extent to how good it is, stopped abruptly by the suggestions made by the writer

to the readers.

She was Rash, Harsh and inconsiderate, in other words she was downright mean.

I get it.

I really do get what she’s trying to say.

Her points on the subject she was discussing, was reasonable,

But so was the points made by opposing readers.

In fact the attitude most of those readers responded with was excellent.

So calm and collective that even in a haste of words, I couldn’t detect a trace of sarcasm from these bloggers, who I’ve noticed exceeded the age of fifty.

You would think that an under twenty five year old or anyone as a matter of fact (because respect has no age limit) would be a tad bit respectful.

Butttt Nooo!!!

The way she demanded her readers to SHUT UP about the issue

Or to suck it up because she doesn’t care or “your opinions don’t matter”

Or best of all – “if you don’t agree with me do not comment or view my page,

You’re dismissed because you’re not welcomed here,

I am rude, loud & bitchy. I am not going to change because you’ve got facts”

was uncalled for.

No one likes to be bashed right?

especially on our own site.

C’mon I know the feeling.

Maybe I shouldn’t even be writing about this

Because it might make me out to be the bad guy,

The immature one or the silly one,

But I can’t not write, even a tiny bit of how I feel.

(the above situation is used for an example)

That little encounter got me thinking about a lot of things, specifically:

# Respect, opinions, relationships etc

I don’t know how you look at it, call me old fashion

but respecting someone and their opinions is important.

Likewise the way you speak to persons goes a loooooong way as well.

Have you ever heard the phrase,

“Learn to Agree to Disagree”?

It may sound strange or silly rather

But it’s important because it’s in fact

A vital action in every relationship,

A relationship with your parent’s,




Co workers


And fellow Bloggers to name a few. Lolz.

We sometimes forget that there are no two persons the same (Me Included), we’re all different,

From the way we look to our preferences, likes and dislikes and well OPINIONS.

So if you think the sky should be pink and someone else thinks that it should be green and yellow, that’s ok. It’s fine, really, it is, there’s nothing you can do about it except RESPECT their opinion.

I mean think about it, we all like it when others respect and think that our opinion is important, why can’t we do the same to others?

I mean, it’s only fair right?

To treat people the way we want to be treated.

(The golden Rule)

Nevertheless it’s OK to put RUDE and OBNOXIOUS people in their PLACE.


I don’t know about you but the world won’t be fun with another being like me.

And it’s a whole lot easier to handle those differences when we

Learn to Agree to Disagree…


2 thoughts on “Agreeing to Disagree

  1. The beauty part is, if people can’t respond to criticism or opinion with respect, their followers will probably dwindle away. All they’ll be left with are yes-men and women, or bitter people like the blogger. And they can have a lovely old time lol…


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