Is the Selecao Back?


Thursday’s “friendly” was more than just a friendly. It was exciting, thrilling, and energetic. It was the stand on your toes, heart soaring kind of game. Brazil played with such agility & unity that brought many to tears. France was nothing short of entertaining as well despite losing to the Selecao 3-1; their every attempt for an equalizer had throngs of football lovers on edge. The tackles, the dribbles, the fouls, the falls, breaking of defenses and missed goal opportunities all made for an exceptional game.

It seems as if the Selecao is bent on making its many fans forget their thrashing against Germany at the world cup 2015 and proving that they can once again be a forced to be reckoned with.

Maybe it was payback for the 1998 defeat against last night’s host, the determination to once again rise or the magic touch of a new yet old coach “Dunga” that seem to make this team promising, either way, whatever is being done should be continued.

The Selecao is back & better than ever, the attacking was superb and the defense even better.

It was great to see players other than Brazil’s poster boy “Neymar” making their presence felt. It gives the assumption that somewhere along the line Brazil had somehow strengthen its team and will thrive under unforeseen circumstances if one should occur.

Nevertheless one-third of Fc Barcleona’s three headed monster has now scored against five different World Champions & is now 5th on the list of Brazil’s leading goal scorers.

Yesterday’s game solidifies the claim that great things are expected from this new generation of players & coach.

The Selecao has so far maintained their squeaky clean record as the match against France has been Brazil’s 7th & 7th Victory with the conceding of only two goals.

Whether it’s just the mere fact of winning or revenge, Brazil is once again writing its name on the hearts of football fans everywhere.


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