Guest Post : Hurricane Ivan


Guest Post: Written By M. H Japal

Ivan is a category 4 Hurricane that had devastated Grenada in the year 2004

Hurricane Ivan the destructive one came to take away my land,

he came Tuesday 7th September,

telling me,

I have to surrender,

I said no Jesus is my saviour and I know he’s going to deliver,

I am sure of that because my prayers are always answered.

Monday the news came around,

Television and radio broadcasted it loud

and I knew that day everyone heard.

Some ignored the warning smiling as they go


I know for sure that will get slow

Carrying on as usual without any fear,

While others with concern started to prepare.

G is for God,



That was their statement when they heard the announcements.

Ha,ha,ha some would have laughed

God love his people that will just pass,

Good people we are,

We Grenadians are blessed

But it did not take long before we were in a mess,

Rain started falling,

Wind blowing,

Trees breaking,

Houses flying,

My God look how the neighbors running,

Screaming as they go,

Whoever thought it would have been so.

He attacked us at 12.49am

A category 3,

With winds at 160.

Came with a vengeance to wipe us out completely,

We fought to stay alive even though the battle was not easy,

It seemed as if it will last forever

And begged,

God! Please let it be over.

A mother and her baby we lost

And don’t forget the gentleman’s heart

That collapsed.

When it was all over,

We had a devastated Grenada,

Everyone’s now uniting as one,

For everything we had,

Was gone!

Coping with shattered dreams,

We all sheltered under blue tapolins.

Ivan thought that wasn’t enough,

So he sent ‘Sister Emily’ to finish us off.

July 14th 2005 she came,

Rushing with all her might,

Well this time we were prepared

And took cover so our lives would be spared,

Now after two disasters I can truly say,

God have been good to us regardless of what came our way.


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